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About us

Our company is the result of the synergy between different operating realities in our group.

Star Logistic aims at finding and implementing tailor-made transportation and logistic solutions for its Clients.
To achieve this target, we provide acomplete range of services covering the Italian territory, especially the North East of the country, including also Central Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Middle East, Asia, India, Oceania, Africa, and the Americas.

We provide a complete service for all freight forwarding activities, both Import and Export. We operate through all national ports, especially in the North, relying on the major shipping lines and inland operators to cover all your needs whenever standard shipments, special equipment, out of gauge/ awkard cargo or reefer cargo is involved. We provide door to door services through an extended and solid network of partners world-wide.
We provide first class service for all sorts of cargo handling, stuffing/unstuffing of containers, lashing and securing operations. We support you with all necessary feasibility studies and planning actions to make sure your shipments are managed and handled in the best way possible .
An extended network of intermodal connections and a reliable network of hauling services, allow us to move all kind of cargo up to and from North Eastern Italy, Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans using North Adriatic as a gateway.

To handle cargo to/from conventional & heavy lift vessels, Star Logistic directly operates in the Port of Monfalcone, whose facilites offer a strategic position in the region. We provide our clients with a complete set of port services, ranging from execution and supervision of loading/discharging operations, shipping agency, handling of cargo at shore, yard logistics and all the necessary customs assistance.

The facilities offer more than 1,900m quay in length, with more than 11m draft for vessels to berth. Quays are equipped with 4 cranes up to 100tons capacity for single lift each.
25,000sqm are available for storage of the goods under shelter and 700,000sqm in open air.

The port of Monfalcone is directly connected to the European transportation network:
By railway: Both wharf and yards are connected to the of Monfalcone railway station (2 gates of entry / exit)
2 locotractors are available at the port
By motorway: Dedicated port/motorway link (less than 2.5 km)
Availability of 2 weighing stations
Outdoor parking available

In Monfalcone we can handle a variety of goods including steel beams, coils, wire-rod, slabs, bars, logs, lumber, wood-chip, cellulose, fertilizers, wood pulp, over-sized equipment (project Cargo) and yachts. A floating bridge allows to smootly handle rolling stocks.

All container stuffing and unstuffing operations can be arranged with direct truck connection to the port of Trieste or rail link for larger lots. Space and lifting equipment are available in case packing operations are to be perfomed on site. All accessory operations (checking, packing, marking) can be perfomed on site.
Standard operations are carried on from Monday to Saturday from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Availability to work 3 daily consecutive shifts. Sundays and public holidays on demand.

For the cargo requiring indoor warehousing with high security systems, Star Logistic provides you with new facilities (both for EU goods and customs bonded warehouses) and distripark services at Trieste.

Our facilities can store ADR/IMO goods and are equipped with reefer plugs to allow the handling of refrigerated goods. Lifting equipment up to 40tons allow to move and handle most of the standard cargo and provide the necessary support for packing operations, when required.
A complete set of handling equipment and skilled manpower is available to cover all the operations you may need to move your cargo. All accessory operations (packaging, labelling, assembling, etc.) can be provided on site in accordance with your requirements.